Miami Marlins Shortstop Miguel Rojas Loses Tooth After Head-to-Head Collision with Pittsburgh Pirates Rookie Oneil Cruz

by Dustin Schutte

Miguel Rojas is going to need a dentist — and hopefully the MLB has a good insurance plan.

The Miami Marlins shortstop took a helmet to the mouth during Thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, shattering part of his tooth in the process.

The collision occurred in the ninth inning of Thursday’s contest between the Marlins and Pirates. Pittsburgh rookie Oneil Cruz slid into second base and when he popped up, caught Rojas in the mouth with his helmet.

Unfortunately, you can actually see Rojas’ tooth flying through the air after the contact. The Marlins shortstop immediately reached for his mouth following the play.

Doesn’t that make you cringe just looking at it?

Rojas left the game after the painful injury. Miami manager Don Mattingly said after the game that the shortstop immediately went to the dentist.

Looking for a silver lining? Miami defeated Pittsburgh 3-2 in 11 innings. So, hopefully that makes Rojas feel at least a little bit better knowing his team pulled through and got the win.

Miguel Rojas Didn’t Have Miami’s Only Facial Injury

Thursday was a bad day to be a face in Miami. Another Marlin, left fielder Billy Hamilton, sustained a facial injury during the team’s victory over the Pirates.

In the fifth inning, Hamilton raced to home after a hard hit to right field off the bat of Joey Wendle. The outfielder dove hard into the plate in an attempt to score the game’s first run. It left his face slightly bloodied, but he remained in the game.

Hamilton’s effort did not get rewarded immediately. Initially, the umpire ruled Hamilton out. The call was overturned and the effort gave the Marlins a 1-0 advantage.

When Miguel Rojas and Hamilton show up at the facility on Friday to start a three-game series with the Philadelphia Phillies, they might both be holding icepacks to their faces.

At least the Marlins got the win, though.