Michael Jordan’s Golf Course Features Drones That Deliver Alcohol and Food On-Demand

by Thad Mitchell

As arguably the greatest player to grace the National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan has a reputation to uphold. Now, the world’s greatest basketball player may have one of the world’s greatest golf courses to add to his resume.

Jordan’s exclusive course resides in Hobe Sound, Florida and is known as The Grove XXIII. The course reportedly has been in the works for some time but got caught in the planning stages until its completion just last year. The course features a 15,000 square foot clubhouse. No corners were cut in constructing the course and the holes and greens are gorgeous.

The real star of the course, however, is the beverage and food delivering drones. Yes, that is correct, Michael Jordan owns a golf course that will deliver food items directly to golfers via drone. Imagine hitting a key shot on the 18th hole and a drone brings you a celebratory mixed cocktail to finish off your day.

The Michael Jordan Golf Course: A Wonder to Behold

Professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki recently got some time on the course and put a video out on social media for the world to see. While the idea of booze-carrying drones is super cool, the execution of the idea is even better as you will see. Divot gold shared the amazing video earlier this week.

“Michael Jordan’s course, The Grove XXIII, well, it is just the future,” the tweet’s caption emphatically states. “Spent all morning trying to book on here!”

In the 38-second video, golfers on the course seem to be in a state of disbelief as the drone sweeps in with cold beverages. An off-camera voice describes what he is seeing as the drone touches down with flawless execution.

“This is a drone brining us our drinks,” the golfers says in a excited tone. “You have got to be kidding me.”

TMZ Sports reports Jordan’s golf club is “super exclusive” with only around 100 members.