Michael Phelps Comments on Competing in Future Olympics, Says How His Kids Will Play a Big Factor

by Clayton Edwards

Michael Phelps dominated the pool at the Olympics for years. He is the most-decorated Olympian in history with a mind-blowing 28 total medals. Twenty-three of those medals are gold. He retired twice.

Phelps first called it quits after the 2012 games. However, he heard the siren’s song of the Olympics and returned in 2016. After the Rio Olympics, he finally walked away.  

Michael Phelps is much more than a world-class swimmer. He is also a family man. He and Nicole Johnson secretly tied the knot back in June of 2016. They had their first son, Boomer, later that year. The couple’s second son, Beckett came into the world in 2018. Then, their youngest, Maverick, was born in September of 2019. So, even without staying in shape for Olympic competition, Michael Phelps definitely has his hands full.

However, Michael Phelps isn’t staying too far away from the Olympics. In fact, he is in Tokyo right now. He’s not competing, though. Instead, he is an analyst for NBC. Naturally, Phelps is lending his expansive knowledge of the sport to the swimming competitions this year.

Since he isn’t currently competing, Michael Phelps has had some free time on his hands this year. He used some of that free time to chat with the hosts of Today about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and his retirement. At one point, he discussed how his sons could influence his career in the future.

How Michael Phelps’ Sons Could Influence His Career

 During their conversation, Hoda Kotb wanted to know, “Is there any part of you, a little inkling, that really wants to get back in the pool? Do you miss it like that?”

Michael Phelps recalled a comment that his wife made after the 2016 Rio Olympics. She said that if Phelps did return to Olympic competition it would be in the 2028 games in Los Angeles. Immediately after saying that, Phelps turned to the camera and jokingly said, “I’m not coming back now. Don’t get any ideas.”

Then, Michael Phelps added, “I don’t know. I have no desire to get in the water right now. I’m completely happy. I get in the water from time to time for my own personal mental health.”

After that, Michael Phelps revealed how his sons could possibly influence any further decisions he might make about Olympic competition. He said, “If my boys, at some point, ask when I’m going to or why I’m not competing, we’ll see what the answer is then.” This surprised the Today hosts. Before moving on, Phelps added, “Anything for my kids.”

So, Michael Phelps isn’t just the most-decorated Olympian of all time. He is also a gold medal dad. He doesn’t need the Olympics to be a champion.