Michael Strahan Channels His Inner Cowboy in ‘Cowboy Killer’ Pic

by Thad Mitchell

During his playing days in the National Football League, Michael Strahan was known as a “cowboy killer” for a very good reason.

No, Michael Strahan has never participated in a duel to the death and it’s highly likely he’s never trampled anyone with a horse. Instead, the former All-Pro New York Giants defensive end was a Dallas Cowboys killer. Strahan saved some of his best performance going up against his division rival Dallas Cowboy. In his prime, Michael Strahan was the most feared defensive lineman in the entire NFL. He combined a great deal of brute strength, elite quickness and superior football intellect to dominate opposing offensive linemen.

Strahan was so good on the football field that a bronze replica of him currently sits in Canton, Ohio, sit of the NFL Hall of Fame. Strahan always seemed to turn up a notch when facing NFC East division foes. These teams include the Cowboys, Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles. Some of his most memorable NFL moments came against these teams.

In a recent social media post, Michael Strahan does his best cowboy impersonation — real cowboy — not Dallas Cowboy. He looks sharp with his hat and sunglasses on but it is clear that the competitive fire still burns in the former football great.

“Cowboys stray…not a Dallas Cowboy (NEVER NEVER NEVER!!)…but a GIANT Cowboy killer,” Micahel Strahan says adding a “LOL” to the end of his post.

Michael Strahan’s New Look Draws Fans’ Attention

After going live, the social media post caught the attention of NFL fans with many commenting on the hilarious photo. Many suggest that a cowboy hat and sunglasses be his new permanent style.

“Love the photo!” a fan writes in the comments. “Just need a little larger cowboy hat. You are looking great!”

“Looking good, Michael,” another fan writes. “You’re one of all time favorite Giants players!”

Michael Strahan certainly enjoyed his share of success against the Dallas Cowboys. In his NFL Hall of Fame speech, he thanked former Cowboys All Pro offensive tackle Erik Williams for making him a better player. In the speech, Michael Strahan says Williams forced him to learn new moves so to “not get my butt whooped again.”

He also thanked Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan for forcing him to get better. He calls Runyan a “6’9″ 350-pound heap of twisted steel with no sex appeal.”

The two football stars certainly had some epic battles in their days with both coming out on top at one point or another.

Now long retired from the NFL, Michael Strahan has made another successful career for himself as a television personality.