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Michael Strahan Decorates Gingerbread House With Daughter in Adorable Photos

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jenny Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

Michael Strahan is getting in the holiday spirit with his daughter. For instance, one of the ways the Strahan house is celebrating Christmas is with an old fashioned gingerbread house.

Strahan and one of his daughters pose with their finished creation for a series of adorable photos. The father-daughter teamed used icing and also gumdrops to bring together their masterpiece. Previously, Strahan revealed the Christmas tree was now up as he settles down to spend the holidays with his family.

Strahan has four children: Tanita (28), twins Sophia (16) and Isabella (16), and Michael Jr. (25).

Michael Strahan Recently Lost His Father

The holidays will be a little sadder this year for Michael Strahan and his family. It will be the first Christmas the family celebrates since Strahan’s father died. The patriarch passed away in October. But the former NFL defensive end turned talk show host appears to be trying to keep his spirits up. Previously, Strahan opened up about how hard his father’s death hit him.

“I lost my hero and it’s still hard to believe my dad is no longer with us physically,” Strahan said. “But I know his spirit lives on thru me and the rest of the family. The biggest goal in everything I’ve ever done was to make him proud. Knowing that I did that gives me peace but also pushes me to continue because I know he’s watching from above.”

Additionally, Strahan’s children struggled with the loss of their grandfather. Strahan credits his father with pushing him to become the man that he is today. He also urged others to cherish the time they have with their families, especially during the holidays.

“Without him, I’m not sure where I’d be but I know I wouldn’t have anything close to the life I have now,” Strahan said. “Love you Dad and I’m honored to be your son!!”

Right now, Strahan is making the most of being a father himself.