Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Arrested After Violating Order of Protection, Threatening Partner

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Jason Nevader/WireImage for Sports Illustrated)

Jean Muggli Strahan, the ex-wife of television personality and former professional football star Michael Strahan, has been arrested.

According to TMZ, her arrest took place in New York City on Friday (June 25).

She was reportedly arrested after she allegedly violated an order of protection placed again her by an ex-partner. The partner, whose name is Marianne Ayer, has claimed that Jean “terrorized” her. Jean reportedly went to Ayer’s home, which led to the alleged violation of protection.

Also, after her arrest, Jean Muggli Strahan was reportedly booked on the charge of criminal contempt.

Background on Jean Muggli Strahan, Partner

Jean and Marianne Ayer were once in a relationship. However, after it came to an end, Jean allegedly started harassing Ayer.

During June 2021, Ayer decided to file legal documents against Jean Muggli Strahan. There are reportedly many accusations against Jean in those documents. Some of the accusations include forcible touching, harassment, coercion, disorderly conduct, and grand larceny.

In those legal filings, Marianne Ayer also states that the ex-wife of Michael Strahan allegedly used a plastic gun to threaten her. It was discovered that the gun in question was actually a toy plastic gun that belonged to a child. However, Jean reportedly claimed it was real.

Ayer also make allegations that Jean abused an animals in the household. Ayer claims that Jean kicked and pushed a German Shepherd.

Friday’s Arrest Isn’t the First Time Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Has Made News

Her arrest on Friday is not the only time Jean Muggli Strahan has been in the news. In 2020, she and Michael Strahan battled over custody of their children.

In February 2020, Michael Strahan claimed that his ex-wife had abused their two daughters. Strahan claimed that Jean was both emotionally and physically harmful to both teenage daughters – Sophia and Isabella. He also claimed that his ex-wife would not take the girls to therapy sessions ordered by the court. Michael Strahan also claimed that she did not take them to volleyball matches and horseback-riding activities.

The case was eventually settled after several months. That took place during October 2020. However, this settlement did not come to light until November 2020.

The settlement between Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli Strahan gave them joint custody of the two daughters. Also, as part of it, Jean said that she would move to New York. This would allow the twin daughters of Michael Strahan to attend a private school there.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli Strahan divorced in 2006.

Michael Strahan has gained popularity thanks to his work as a co-host on “Good Morning America.” This show airs on ABC. He also stays around professional football thanks to his work as an analyst for Fox’s NFL coverage.