Michael Strahan’s New York Giants Hall of Fame Bust is Eerily On Point

by Matthew Memrick

New York Giant football great Michael Strahan posed with his team bust and asked his social media fans if it was on point.

The Instagram crowd wasn’t digging it with many ‘nos’ while Twitter had more mixed messages.

Instagram user beargainzschultz said the bust likeness was “cartoonishly” like Strahan. He went on to say, “I like it regardless but your eyes are angled differently.”

Well, it may be eerily on point.

It’s got his signature teeth, but the eyes may be a little off.

The NFL commentator and “Good Morning America” host reached the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014. He was honored with a bust during that ceremony as well.

Strahan Struggled With His Look

According to USA Today, Strahan has flip-flopped on what he should do about his famous gap teeth.

With the 2014 bust, the former player said he wanted the gap.

“Has to be [there],” Michael Strahan said at the time. “It wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t.”

But before that hall moment, Strahan considered having the gap closed. He consulted a dentist in late March of 2012 but decided against it.

But in March, he had some fun with his social media followers. In a posted video, he showed off a new white smile without the gap. He even hashtagged it, #GoodbyeGap. 

The video came out two days before April Fool’s Day, so many figured it was a prank. It turns out Strahan got a temporary dental implant to try things out. 

The week before, the former player said he had much love for his gap, saying he wore it as a sign of pride. 

Strahan Gives Back

The football legend recently gave back to his alma mater, Texas Southern, by providing helmets for the team.

The school announced it would have new helmets for this Saturday’s homecoming game against North American University.

School officials said Strahan provided top-of-the-line helmets for everyone on the roster. The Riddle Speedflex helmets are top-performing helmets based on NFL and NFL player association safety tests. According to ABC 13, the maroon helmets have gray face masks with the school logo decal on one side. The other side shows the player’s number.

“The Department of the Athletics and the Tiger football program is elated to receive this donation from Michael Strahan,” Texas Southern athletic director Kevin Granger said in a statement. “From one TSU alum to another, I want to thank him personally for his generosity and support of our football program.”

Strahan was a second-round pick in the 1993 NFL draft by the New York Giants. Many scouts were impressed with his 19-sack senior season.

Hopefully, the new Texas Southern helmets will inspire the 0-3 team. The team has lost to Baylor and Rice so far this season.