Michael Strahan Outfits Every Single Player & Coach on Deion Sanders’ Jackson State University Team With Custom Suits

by Quentin Blount

Do you need a custom suit designed? If you do, maybe you should give Michael Strahan a call. The NFL Hall of Famer can hook you up.

If for some reason you don’t believe us, just ask fellow NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. Sanders is now the head coach at Jackson State University in Mississippi. And he wanted his players to be looking their best for their season-opening game against Florida A&M on Sunday. So, what did he do? He called up his close friend, Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan.

“I know somebody who prides themselves on looking good and feeling good,” Sanders told Insider. “And he lives it. He embodies it. And he is a dear friend, and he has a lot of money. Let me pick up a phone and call this guy: Michael Strahan.”

Sanders knew that Strahan had the motivation and the money to help get his guys decked out in fresh, new suits. Not only that, but it doesn’t hurt that Strahan owns his very own line with Men’s Warehouse, Collection by Michael Strahan. When it was all said and done, Strahan helped hook up every single player and coach on the Jackson State University football team — around 150 people — with their own custom suits.

You can imagine that kind of treatment for college athletes definitely made them feel good.

“They just felt so wonderful,” Sanders said afterward. “You should’ve seen their faces. They lit up when they walked into that room.”

Deion Sanders Calls Michael Strahan the ‘Sharpest Guy on Television’

Let’s not make any mistake about it, Michael Strahan definitely knows his way around a suit. Not only did he spend 15-seasons as a star defensive end for the New York Giants, but he has also since become one of the biggest names in all of television.

But Deion Sanders is a man with a stylish sense of fashion as well. The two didn’t butt heads when Sanders asked Strahan to design the suits. Strahan agreed, and let Sanders design things exactly the way he wanted.

“We’re going to go and do it Coach Prime’s way,” Strahan said. “We’re going to change every button, every pocket, every seam, we’re going to do the collar and the inside, we’re going to do everything to it.”

It’s definitely a cool story and an incredible gesture from Michael Strahan. It doesn’t sound like Deion Sanders had anyone else in mind when he was thinking of who could design suits for his Jackson State team. He wanted the honor to go to who he believes is the “sharpest guy on television.”

“He’s one of the sharpest guys on television, if not the sharpest guy on television,” Sanders told Insider. “Please don’t tell him I said that.”