Michael Strahan Gets an Outsider’s View as He Takes Family on Texas Trip

by Maggie Schneider

Michael Strahan snaps a family photo amidst the beautiful scenery in Van Horn, Texas. The “GMA” host shows that family comes first.

The best part about the holidays is visiting loved ones. It is the time of year when the most important things in life are put into perspective. “GMA” host and ex-NFL player Michael Strahan is spending his time making memories with his family before his trip to space.

In his latest Instagram post, Strahan is with his oldest children and his mother. The picture is taken in Van Horn, Texas, which is located to the west of the state. It is a very small town, with a population of 2,063 people as of 2010. The Strahan family is all smiles in the image, as a beautiful mountain range fills up the background.

Tagging the rest of his family members, the picture is a sweet reminder of what is most important in life. Fans of the “GMA” host know how important his mom, Louise Strahan, is to him. After the death of his father Gene, Strahan decided to take more time out of his schedule to see his mom and children. The loss of Strahan’s father was hard on him.

“It’s still hard to believe my dad is no longer with us physically,” he says. “But I know his spirit lives on thru me and the rest of the family.”

Michael Strahan’s Trip to Space

Michael Strahan has been gearing up for a special trip to space. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space travel company, invited the “GMA” host among others to participate in its 19th mission. The flight was originally scheduled to occur today. However, due to strong winds, Blue Origin decided it would be safer to move the launch date to Saturday, December 11.

The “GMA” host has been gearing up for his big trip this week. Updating fans on social media, Strahan has shown both the exciting and exhausting aspects of his training. He and his team have learned about the safety protocols, watched videos of previous flights, and even tried out the space simulation capsule.

“It has been a lot of fun, a great learning experience,” he says in an Instagram update. “I’m a little nervous, i mean you always get nervous. But when you learn about the safety and all of the protocol, you feel at ease.”

Fans can watch Strahan and his team blast off into space this Saturday at 9:45 a.m. EDT on the Blue Origin site. We will be cheering him on!