Michael Strahan Posts Message for New York Giants Ahead of Sunday Night Football: ‘One Game at a Time’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Michael Strahan is sharing an inspirational message to the New York Giants ahead of Sunday night’s big football game against the Cleveland Browns.

The caption of his Instagram post reads:

“My message to the @nygiants football team: Take it one game at a time and believe in yourselves because a Super Bowl can be yours when you least expect it. Trust me I know!!! #TogetherBlue”

“One Game At a Time” – Michael Strahan

Strahan is definitely someone to look up to, not just as a football player, but as a success story, as well.

When he takes to Instagram to show love to his former team, all of the players better be listening and taking his advice. After all, the pep talk is being given by an NFL veteran and icon.

Strahan played his entire 15-year career as a former defensive end for the New York Giants. In 2001, he set an NFL record for the most quarterback sacks in one season. During that same year, he was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year, helping his beloved home team win Super Bowl XLII.

Michael Strahan now spends his time as a TV personality and journalist following his retirement from an amazing NFL career.

New York Giants vs. Cleveland Browns

During Week 15 of the playoffs, the Giants will be going head-to-head against the Cleveland Browns. The Giants have the home-field advantage.

Cleveland is currently standing at 9-4 with the Giants falling behind at 5-8.

Both the Giants and the Browns lost their four-game winning streaks last week. The Browns lost to the Ravens with the Giants losing to the Cardinals. However, the Giants have an advantage over the Browns with the team winning the past six of seven battles on the field.

As Strahan said in his Instagram post to the New York Giants, “Take it one game at a time and believe in yourselves…”