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Michael Strahan Refused to Speak With NFL Insider Jay Glazer ‘For a Month’ After Hilarious Prank

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Sports analyst and NFL Insider Jay Glazer is a certified prankster. He plays jokes on everyone, from NFL coaches and players to his colleagues at NFL on FOX. Some of the pranks result in hard laughs and ‘you got me’s, but some end up ruining friendships. His pranks are that good–or bad, depending on perspective.

Earlier today, Jay Glazer posted a tweet recalling one of his most prized pranks. In this prank, Glazer recalls sending a mass text to as many NFL coaches and players as he could. In the message, he said that their name came up in a bad light. He told them to call him at this “hotel phone” number to talk about it. Thing is, that “hotel phone” was not a hotel phone. It was the number to a sex hotline that charged five dollars a minute.

According to Glazer, he pranked a bunch of big names in the NFL, from head coaches to general managers. “When I say I got [them],” Glazer said in the Tweet. “I mean I got Mike Tomlin, and John Fox, and Sean Payton, and the general manager for the Seahawks. Strahan didn’t talk to me for a month!”

One Glass With Glazer: Jay Glazer Instagram Live

On his Instagram live show, One Glass With Glazer, Jay Glazer shares more hilarious stories like this one. Tomorrow night at 7 PM ET, he will go live with special guest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In the past, he has featured the likes of David Spade, Rashad Evans, and NFL legend Terry Bradshaw. In another hilarious story, Glazer recalls how he pranked Terry Bradshaw and Demi Levato.

At one point, pop icon Demi Lovato dropped in on set with the NFL on FOX team. As Glazer explains, he has been training Demi Lovato in MMA, but she is obviously more well known for her musical career. Somehow, Glazer convinced Terry Bradshaw that Lovato fought professionally.

“Somehow, one of us say ‘hey TB, this is Demi Lovato’. And he goes ‘yea I know, the fighter,'” Glazer joked on his show. “He was having a Bradshaw moment.”