Michael Strahan Shares Hilarious Video, Says ‘I Will Be Rooting Hard’ for the Eagles

by Charles Craighill

After defeating the Dallas Cowboys 23-19, the New York Giants have a shot at making the playoffs. If the Washington Football Team loses tonight to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants win the NFC East. Michael Strahan, the former Giants defensive end and FOX analyst, is rooting for that to happen. After the game, he posted a video to Instagram that showed him dancing with happiness.

“Let’s go New York Giants and my picks!!!” Stahan said in an Instagram post. “The motivation paid off. I never thought I would say this, but I will be rooting hard for the Eagles tonight!”

Even if the Philadelphia Eagles do get the win, the playoffs present a daunting task for Michael Strahan’s Giants. Luckily, the NFC East winner will be granted the fourth seed in the NFC despite having the worst record in the playoffs. This will give them a home game in the first round of the playoffs.

Unfortunately, that home game will be against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If only the Giants still had Brady’s Kryptonite: Eli Manning. Only time will tell if Daniel Jones has the same power over the future Hall of Famer.

Michael Strahan Wishes Eli Manning Happy Birthday

Eli Manning, who could make his own case for a Hall of Fame bid, happened to turn 40 today. Michael Strahan posted on Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. While the unorthodox photo featured Strahan seemingly choking his former quarterback, he expressed his excitement none the less.

“Big day today!! Week 17 of the NFL season,” Strahan said in the post. “The New York Giants are fighting to win the division, and it’s my brotha Eli Manning’s birthday! Happy birthday Eli. A Giants win will cap it off nicely!” He closed it with a muscle emoji. “P.S. Sorry I’m choking you, but I’m excited because we just won the Super Bowl,” he added to the end.

Well, Eli looked like he got what he and Michael Strahan wanted with the Giants win. With the Washington Football Team matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles happening as we speak, only time will tell if their beloved Giants will complete his birthday wish.