Michael Strahan Shows Off Gargantuan Labor Day Breakfast in New Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton

Michael Strahan celebrated Labor Day by eating. Like eating big.

The NFL Hall of Famer, Fox Sports analyst and Good Morning America co-host opted to share what he was eating Monday morning. Michael Strahan, obviously, believes that a big breakfast is a key to your day. He listened to his mother growing up.

Strahan blasted out a photo of his breakfast to his 1.4 million Instagram followers. There also was a shout-out to his daughter, Sophia.

He wrote: “Happy Labor Day! Scrambled eggs, bacon and Sophia Sstrahan’s special avocado toast! Can’t share the recipe! Sorry!”

It’s Football: Michael Strahan Needs Big Breakfasts to Prep for Busy Season

Michael Strahan knows he needs a big breakfast because his life is about to get big-time busy. The NFL season starts this Thursday with the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Bucs playing host to the Dallas Cowboys. That game is on NBC. Strahan works for the NFL on Fox, so he’s all-in on Sunday.

Strahan recently has been working to help some of his former NFL-playing friends. Deion Sanders, who is in his second season as coach of Jackson State, recently called Michael Strahan to help out with outfitting his team. Specifically, the Jackson State players needed a suit to wear to the game and then after it. NFL players typically go all out in their pre- and post-game attire. College players are following suit.

Michael Strahan has his own line at Men’s Warehouse. So he sent a team of tailors to Jackson, Miss, to make about 150 suits. Every player and coach received a custom suit. Thanks to Michael Strahan, there was a Men’s Wearhouse pop-up store.

“They just felt so wonderful,” Sanders told Insider. “You should’ve seen their faces. They lit up when they walked into that room.”

And maybe looking good on game day provided that little something extra. Deion Sander’s team won, 7-6, on the road with victory clinched thanks to a late fourth-down sack.

NFL Great Also Helped Another Ex-Player Land Big-time Gig

Michael Strahan also helped out another former NFL player. But this time, he didn’t provide clothing, but career advice to Akbar Gbajabiamila, the former Oakland Raider turned TV personality. Gbajabiamila already is co-host of American Ninja Warrior and did an Olympic talk show earlier this summer on Peacock. CBS hired him to be one of the hosts of The Talk.

Gbajabiamila called Michael Strahan and asked: “Can I shadow you?”

“I just cold-called and said, ‘Hey, you know, I love what you’re doing. I’m excited about what you’re doing. Can I shadow you?'” Gbajabiamila told People.

He described Michael Strahan as “one of the coolest dudes on the planet and such a humbling, gracious guy. He was just dropping me dimes, just like, nuggets here and there, here and there.”

You think Michael Strahan told Gbajabiamila and the Jacksonville State players that they needed to look good and eat a big breakfast?