Michael Strahan Says ‘Sorry I’m Choking You’ in Throwback Pic Wishing Eli Manning Happy Birthday

by Halle Ames

Michael Strahan takes to social media to wish former teammate Eli Manning a happy birthday while also adding that he was sorry for choking him.

We can’t exactly agree that our go-to celebration move is to grab our teammate by the throat, but Strahan was very excited. In the photo New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end, Michael Strahan just became Super Bowl Champions. 

The two men both played their whole professional football careers with the Giants. Strahan remained loyal to the team for 15 years, from 1993 until 2008. Manning also dedicated his life to the team for 16 years, from 2004 until 2019. 

The athletes might have only overlapped for a few seasons, however, their friendship remains strong. Come on, how could they not? They won a Super Bowl together! 

Michael Strahan’s Birthday Tribute for Manning

Michael Strahan posted a throwback photo of the two in their uniforms featuring their new champion hats after their big game. He commented about the Giants’ current record and how they are fighting for a potential playoff spot during the NFC East game today. Strahan also took the time to wish Eli Manning a happy 40th birthday. Take a look back on Eli Manning’s career and some of his best plays here. 

“Big day today!! Week 17 of the #NFL season. The @nygiants are fighting to win the division, and it’s my brotha Eli Manning’s birthday! Happy birthday Eli. A Giants win will cap it off nicely! 💪🏾 “

Michael Strahan also commented on the pose in the photo and apologized for how it might look. 

“P.S. Sorry I’m choking you, but I’m excited because we just won the Super Bowl. Lol.”

The New York Giants have a record of 5 and 10 and play at noon against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have a current record of 6 and 9 and are ranked second in the NFC East behind the Washington Football Team.