Michael Strahan Unveils April Fools Video Explaining He Hasn’t Actually Fixed Gap in Teeth

by Quentin Blount

Former New York Giant great, Michael Strahan, had perhaps one of the most elaborate April Fools pranks so far in all of 2021.

On Tuesday, the Hall of Fame defensive lineman posted a tweet saying that he had “said goodbye” to his trademark gap-toothed smile. He even posted a short video clip showing a behind-the-scenes look into the procedure. And although April Fools day was just right around the corner, Strahan really had his fans going. Everything seemed so real.

But, it turns out it was all just a big prank after all. The TV personality took to Twitter again on Thursday to let his fans in on the joke. But before doing so, he decides to lead them on just a little bit more.

“Hey, everybody. It is Michael. I know a lot of you wondering, ‘Oh, it’s gotta be April’s Fools Joke. He’s gotta be joking with the teeth. He must not have fixed that gap it’s his signature!” Strahan says in the video. “I gotta thank my boy, Dr. Lee, at Smile Design Manhattan for taking care of me. Ya know, for hooking a brother up as they say.”

Michael Strahan said that he couldn’t believe how many people were interested in his teeth. He says that he heard debates all throughout the media on whether or not he should keep the gap.

“I didn’t know that so many people really cared,” Strahan explains. “I mean there were like polls, TV talk, radio talk, and podcast talk. But I appreciate all the love for the gap.”

“#GoodbyeGap update! Momma knows best!” Strahan captioned his video.

Michael Strahan Says ‘The Gap is Here to Stay’

Michael Strahan has had his famous gap for almost 50 years now. And on Thursday afternoon, the 49-year-old finally revealed that straightening his smile was just a big Aprils Fools joke.

“So I just wanted to say, April Fools!” Strahan says with a big smile. “C’mon, man! The gap is here to stay for a little while. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So April Fools everybody! The gap is here it’s not going anywhere.”

Besides, Strahan says that his mother likes his gapped smile. And we know that there is no arguing with our mothers!

“My momma likes it, so this is for you momma,” Strahan says.

Now we can all sleep peacefully at night knowing that when we wake up, we can turn on ABC’s Good Morning America and see Michael Strahan still sporting his lovable gap.