Michael Vick Reacts to Justin Fields Breaking Single-Game Rushing Record for Quarterback

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

Justin Fields was three years old when Michael Vick ran for a then quarterback record 173 yards in a game against the Minnesota Vikings.

A Kennesaw, Georgia, native, Fields grew up watching Vick and the Falcons. 20 years later, Fields is a quarterback for the Chicago Bears and now owns the NFL single-game rushing record for a quarterback. During the Bears’ 35-32 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 9 Sunday, Fields picked up 178 yards on the ground on 15 carries with a score.

Fields now stands alone in the record book, which Vick admits he has no problem with. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Vick shared high praise for Fields breaking his record.

“That’s what it is all about — the next generation doing it just a little bit better,” Vick said.

Vick, a four-time Pro Bowler, still holds the all-time record for career rushing yards by a quarterback. Over the course of his 13-year career, Vick ran for 6,109 yards. Fields is already on a rapid pace, having recorded 1,022 rushing yards in 21 games. Fields, meanwhile, is averaging 48.7 rushing yards per game, while Vick ended his career with a 42.7 average.

Justin Fields Drives Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel Crazy

The Dolphins’ defense had a time dealing with Fields Sunday, with the 23-year-old routinely picking up first downs with his legs. At one point in the third quarter, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel had a lighthearted exchange with Fields on the sideline.

“I just wanted him to stop scrambling, and it was pretty irritating because he didn’t listen at all. He didn’t take the coaching,” McDaniel said Monday, via ESPN. “I think Justin is really starting to get a feel for when he can utilize his full scale of gifts, and he’s making plays more and more and becoming more and more difficult to defend. So at that stage of the game, I figured no one had asked him to stop it, so I gave that a try.

“I think other coaches can learn from my experience that he does not listen, so rely on other tactics.”