Michigan State Announces Multiple Suspensions Following Tunnel Fight at Michigan

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Michigan State has formally announced suspensions for players involved in the postgame tunnel fight with a Michigan player. The videos that came out of the college football incident were bad. The Spartans got beat in the Big House and then reacted in the worst way possible.

Rivalries are one thing. Some pushing and shoving on the field during the game is one thing. But that’s not what we saw with Michigan State in that tunnel. It looked like they jumped the Wolverines player and there has been a lot said since about the altercation on TV and online.

It’s good to see that the Spartans are acting and trying to hold players accountable for their actions.

Michigan State Releases Statement with Suspensions

On Sunday night, Michigan State made the announcement that four players were to be suspended “effective immediately.” Those players are Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young.

The big losses here are Grose and Young. Grose has over 50 tackles on the season and Young is a talented freshman that Sparty was hoping would put in good minutes this season.

The fact that Michigan State’s statement says they are working with law enforcement means that this is likely going to be a much bigger deal than an off-field scuffle. These suspensions are going to last “until the investigations are completed.”

Statement From Director of Athletics

There was also a statement released by Alan Haller himself. The Vice President and Director of Athletics had to follow up on this. When you lead the athletics department of a school like Michigan State you have to respond to these issues.

“Based on the alarming evidence that Coach Mel Tucker and I have been provided involving a small number of our football student-athletes and University of Michigan student-athletes at Michigan Stadium, we are in alignment that it is necessary to take preliminary action and suspend four football student-athletes. The behavior we reviewed was both uncharacteristic of our football program and unacceptable,” the statement read in part.

Michigan State is going to be sorting this out for a while. It will be very interesting to see how long these suspensions are held and where this Spartans team goes from here.