Mics Capture Bizarre Audio Mishap During ESPN’s Monday Night Football Broadcast: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard

Technology is great. It gives us high-definition NFL Monday Night football and analysis every week – it also picks up every little noise in the broadcast booth. When you see the folks in the booth giving their pregame or in-game reactions and opinions they each have a mic in hand. But those rooms are filled with microphones, everything is recorded.

Fans were just watching the pregame before the Tennesee Titans take on the Buffalo Bills in the first of two games tonight. Monday Night Football is always a great time. However, moments like this make it better.

It seems that ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky had a little issue. He was breaking down the Bills’ offense when a sneeze came over the former NFL QB. Soon after the sneeze, another noise seemingly escaped from Orlovsky’s body. Check out the video for yourself.

It has to be hard to be there in the booth. Millions of people watching and listening to Monday Night Football, you know that you’re mic’d up and ready to go. Then, the worst thing happens. It’s almost like waking up from that dream where you gave a speech in class in your underwear, but this was no dream. Unfortunately, it seems that it was real, too real.

Of course, Dan Orlovsky is a consummate professional and kept the show moving. While we laugh and have a good time, the ESPN coverage train just keeps chugging along. Nothing happened, what do you mean? Just a sneeze. Now, let’s get back to how the Bills have been trusting the run more.

Monday Night Football Doubleheader

To kick things off tonight on ESPN Monday Night Football we have the Titans and Bills game. This one should be very interesting. Who is going to be the MVP at the end of four quarters? The talented passer from Buffalo, Josh Allen? Or will it be Tennessee’s bulldozer of a running back, Derrick Henry?

Thankfully, we have more than one game tonight. Things are going to be jam-packed as the second game starts just over an hour later. Yes, there will be an overlap in the games tonight. That second feature is going to be between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles.

This should be a fun night with two good games of football. NFL Monday Night Football is a time-honored tradition. Let’s get ready for some football. And keep your eyes and ears open for any more strange moments in the broadcast.