Mike Evans Banned From New Orleans BBQ Restaurant for Life After Sunday’s Brawl With Saints

by Suzanne Halliburton

First, the NFL slapped Mike Evans with a one-game suspension. And now, a New Orleans restaurant is banning the Tampa Bay Buc for life.

Yes, that’s Blue Oak BBQ giving Evans the lifetime ban from eating some terrific food not too far from Harrah’s Superdome. The restaurant owner is a true New Orleans Saints die-hard. So there’s going to be a lot of “Who dat?” but not in a nice way if Mike Evans walks by.

First, what’s all this fuss about? Why would a New Orleans BBQ joint care about a Tampa Bay receiver? Well, Mike Evans started an on-field ruckus Sunday when he escalated a skirmish between the two teams. Tom Brady had words with Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore. Then Tampa tailback Leonard Fournette (the former LSU star) and Lattimore shoved each other. And along came Evans, who blindsided Lattimore. The two players have been going at it for years.

The Twitter account of Blue Oak BBQ posted a photo of Mike Evans on its front door. The photo had a red line through it, with this warning: “This is a no Mike Evans establishment.”

Will Mike Evans care? Who knows. The NFL upheld his one-game suspension for this Sunday’s game. So he won’t play against the Green Bay Packers. Evans is a competitive guy, so missing the game probably will hurt him to his soul. He’ll also miss a $62,000 paycheck. Officials tossed both players after the fight, Sunday.

But he should know better about what happens when he gets into it with the Saints DB. Back in 2017 the two got into a fight. The NFL suspended Evans. And even Evans admitted that it was a cheap shot. As for Sunday, Mike Evans said he was trying to support his quarterback and running back.

”I was just trying to have my teammate’s back,” Evans said in post-game interviews. “I seen (Lattimore) punch someone, I wasn’t going to let that happen. … We know when you come to New Orleans, it gets spicy.”

Oddly enough, the fight turned the game the Bucs’ way. At the time of the fight, the score was tied at 10-10. The Bucs won Sunday’s game, 20-10.

The Blue Oak BBQ’s spicy tweet also stirred up the fans of both the Saints and the Bucs. The two teams have a nice, spirited rivalry. But in this case, to the victors go the (trolling) spoils.

One Tampa fan — count him as pro Mike Evans — replied to the tweet: “I hope the food there tastes better than that “L” y’all tasted yesterday.” Another Bucs fan wrote:” I bet Mike Evans is bummed….after all NOLA is the BBQ capital of ummm…south…uhhhh….southeast Louisiana! Besides Evans don’t BBQ he eats W’s.”

Another Bucs fan threw some shade: “I was going to avoid your restaurant but I may come there specifically in my Bucs Super Bowl 55 Champs hat and Mike Evans jersey just to get some food.”

It’s all why we love football.