Mike Richardson, Former Bears Star and Super Bowl Champ, Arrested on Murder Charge

by Madison Miller

Mike Richardson was a cornerback on the Bears’ 1985 championship season. He played for seven seasons and had 20 interceptions.

He has the nickname “L.A. Mike” for his appearance in the Super Bowl Shuffle where he sang the line “I like to steal it and make em pay.” He retired from football in 1989.

Arrested for Suspicion of Murder

Now, he has been arrested for suspicion of murder.

According to Chicago Sun-Times, police found the body of 47-year-old Ronald Like at 9:15 on Tuesday after reports of a shooting. He later died from his injuries.

Richardson was arrested Wednesday for suspicion of murder, misconduct involving weapons, and a felony warrant. He will be arraigned on Jan. 7.

A Past Full of Drug Issues

In the past, Richardson has openly struggled with drug use. He told his story of addiction and recovery to the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Adolescent Treatment Center in 2012.

Richardson grew up in Compton in Los Angeles, where he was introduced to drugs at an early age.

He has said he always had a hard time admitting he had a problem.

“That kept me sick for many years. At one point, jails became a way of life for me and then, jails turned into prisons. I had to change or I was going to die – either on the streets or in prison,” Richardson said, according to Rosecrance.

He claims his problems started making sense to him in 2017. This is when he was arrested for a probation violation leading to prison time. His substance abuse was the cause of a string of convictions. He was in prison until 2010.

Mike Richardson in the 2000s

Richardson wanted to find a career in coaching and talking to young people about drugs and addiction.

According to the Chicago Tribune, in 2008 he faced a 13-year sentence for possession of methamphetamine and crack cocaine. It was his 21st time getting a drug offense since the end of his career in the NFL.

When he heard about football player Sam Hurd’s drug charges in 2011, he was solemn. His charges had to do with purchases and drug deals happening as he was still a player for the Bears.

“I just had to pray for him. It was just a sad moment because I know how devastating it can be. It takes a lot to come out of a situation like this healthy mentally.”

Now, Richardson is facing yet another arrest for the allegations of murder. More information regarding the case will be available after the Jan. 7 date.