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Mike Tyson Called Out by Evander Holyfield for Long-Awaited Rematch: ‘He Wanted a Tuneup Fight’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

The Mike Tyson comeback we’ve all been waiting for continues to get better. Recently, the boxing champ made his long-awaited return to the ring, and it looks like he’s already signaling out his next opponent: Evander Holyfield.

On Saturday, Tyson delivered an incredible show to his fans when he faced off against former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr. at the well-known Staples Center in Los Angeles. After eight grueling rounds, the match ended in a draw. However, many believe Tyson had control of the fight the whole time, living up to his name after 15 years of retirement.

Evander Holyfield’s Response to Mike Tyson’s Recent Fight

A former rival of Tyson, Evander Holyfield, took notice of the 54-year-olds ability to control the ring. In 1996 and 1997, the pair famously went head-to-head with one another. In the 1997 match, Tyson made an infamous name for himself when he bit off a piece of Evander’s ear. Twenty-three years later, it seems like Evander is ready to take on Tyson for the third time.

Evander stated to ESPN, “My side tried to make the fight happen and we got nothing but excuses. Now I can see why he wanted a tuneup fight before thinking about fighting me.”

“No more excuses. This is the fight that must happen for both our legacies,” he continued. “Saturday night you said you were ready to fight me, so sign the contract and get in the ring, Tyson. The world is waiting and it’s on you now. I’m ready.”

Holyfield is the only four-time world heavyweight champion. He retired in 2014, three years after he had a victorious fight with Brian Nielsen. As for Tyson, he lost his last professional match in 2005. By the time Tyson entered retirement, he had 50 wins, six losses, and two no contests.

Following his match with Jones, Tyson said the only reason a match with Holyfield hasn’t happened was due to the “business side”.

“Maybe Evander needs to talk to me because every time my business associates talk to his business associates, it doesn’t turn out well,” Tyson said. “So, I don’t know. If you could see what we made tonight, if these guys really care about the welfare of Evander, they would have had this fight with Evander.”