Mike Tyson Podcast Goes Entirely Off the Rails: ‘I Would’ve Killed Him’

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to legendary boxer Mike Tyson, a good rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected.

Tyson and fellow professional fighter Ryan Garcia appear on a podcast called “Hotboxin'” in which pro fighters discuss the latest news in the professional boxing world. Coming fresh off a recent victory over British professional boxer Luke Campbell, Garcia knows who he wants to fight next. During his bout with Campbell, Garcia went to the mat but came back for the victory.

Now, he wants his next matchup to be against Gervonta “Tank” Davis and he wants it in the near future. During a Facetime interview with Davis on the podcast, both men became heated while talking about fighting each other. Garcia took to social media to promote Tyson’s podcast and also double down on his desire to see Davis in the ring.

“Getting ready for the interviews that gets Gervonta in the ring with me,” Garcia says of the podcast. “Thank you to @thejohnsingson for making it happen and it was an honor @miketyson talking to you! Dropping soon head over to @hotboxinpodcast for updates when it’s drops.”

Mike Tyson Podcast Gets Intense

The impromptu podcast “interview” started with Garcia’s proclamation that he was wanted Davis next. Sensing the tension in the air, Tyson sprang into action by setting up a “Facetime” meeting with Davis. From there the podcast goes completely off the rails as both fighters trade verbal jabs in anticipation of fight in the future.

Davis landed the first blow, telling Tyson that Garcia was knocked to the canvas by Campbell in a previous bout.

“Mike, he got dropped by a guy who can’t even hit,” he says of Garcia’s last fight with Campbell.

Garcia responds by poking fun of Davis’ height. The lightweight fighter stands only a 5’6″ tall.

“Go ahead and hit me with that shot,” he says. “Look at him. You going to need a StairMaster, boy.”

Back and forth they went with Tyson playing the moderator. Davis then says if Garcia had been fighting him, the outcome may have been much different.

“Mike, Mike…If I would have hit him, you know I would have killed him after that,” he says.

It is unclear if the two men will see each other in the ring or if they will at all. If the podcast blowout is any indication, it is sure to be a grudge match.

H/T: New York Post