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Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. Fight Ends in Draw, Sports Fans Aren’t Happy

by Kayla Zadel
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 28: Roy Jones Jr. (L) and Mike Tyson celebrate their split draw during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. presented by Triller at Staples Center on (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller)

What do you expect when two boxing legends like Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. come out of retirement for an exhibition fight? Albeit the fight was great, but the results aren’t exactly what fans were looking for.

Former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the boxing ring on Saturday night at the Staples Center for an exhibition match. Tyson and Jones didn’t disappoint in action despite the warning to “not knock each other out“.

Even though the two 50-year old men seemed comfortable in the ring and provided excitement for viewers, some think that Tyson should’ve won the showcase. He far exceeded expectations with his stamina during the 8-round fight.

Tyson started by targeting Jones’s body and him in survival mode throughout the exhibition. The heavyweight champion hadn’t fought professionally since 2005. However, Jones just retired two years ago. All in all, both seemed satisfied with the bout once it was over, but fans are feeling some sort of way about the fight.

Tyson and Jones Jr. Spectators Soundoff on Twitter

There’s no better way to air your grievances that on social media, and well, Twitter has become a sounding board.

This spectator’s taking a jab at Jones by sharing what he thinks he looks like after every round.

“They really called the fight a draw with Jones Jr looking like this after every round #tysonvsjones” says the caption complete with Lebron James photo.

Another person is taking a swing at Jones, too, and speculating if a rematch was called.

Bleacher Report’s sharing a clip of the interview post-fight, and Tyson does what Tyson does best. He steals the spotlight from Jones when he’s asked if he was afraid he could get injured.

Roy doesn’t even get a word out. However, Tyson starts going on about how he should be the one that’s getting asked that question. Tyson retired 15 years back, unlike his opponent who hung up his gloves two years ago.

“Why nobody care about my ass? I haven’t fought for 15 years. He stopped fighting three years ago,” Tyson says.

No matter the outcome, each fighter was guaranteed to earn $1 million. Tyson’s already said that he’s donating it to charity.