Mike Tyson Settles Debate on Who Won Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Fight

by Madison Miller

The buzz-worthy fight night between YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is now in the past.

The Showtime feature got a large celebrity following as everyone shared their thoughts on who would be the winner in the ring. Millions of people streamed the fight from home.

While many people online were rooting for Paul’s demise at the hands of a worthy fighter, Jake Paul actually ended up victorious. It was nowhere near an easy win for Jake Paul, such as when he took on Ben Askren.

Mike Tyson Weighs in Regarding Jake Paul Fight

Instead, he won via split decision at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. It was a score of 77-75, 75-77,78-74. Now, Jake Paul is 4-0 as he continues to try to gain respect and supporters for his journey into a professional boxing career.

Some viewers, however, are questioning the close win by Paul. Legendary fighter Mike Tyson is now weighing in on who he thinks was the real winner at the fight. According to TMZ, Tyson believes that Jake Paul was the clear winner of the boxing match. He disagrees with other figures like Claressa Shields and Ben Askren who believe Woodley was wrongly declared the loser.

Askren even wrote on Instagram, “I thought Tyron won but Jake definitely gained my respect. I think a rematch happens, makes too much sense.”

On the other hand, Tyson said, “Jake Paul won. I love Jake Paul. Tyron Woodley did his best.”

Earnings from Epic Fight Night

A lot has happened since Woodley and Paul went head to head.

Tyron Woodley is demanding a rematch after the very close fight claiming he thinks he can take down Paul. Jake Paul is only agreeing to another fight as long as Woodley gets the agreed-upon “I love Jake Paul” tattoo and then posts it on Instagram.

“Permanent tattoo. Then maybe we’ll talk about it. But to be honest, I won convincingly. We’re gonna go back to the drawing board, but I think I proved a lot tonight,” Paul said during the post-fight press conference, according to MMA Mania.

Meanwhile, Paul tweeted on August 30 that he was a “retired boxer.” Less than 24 hours later he then tweeted, “Updated status: I’m coming out of retirement.”

Given the amount of money he made from the fight, Jake Paul could realistically go into retirement if he really wanted to. According to the Ohio State Athletic Commission, both Woodley and Paul earned $2 million for the fight. This is a massive increase for Paul, who only earned $690,000 from his fight with Ben Askren.

The other fighters that night also walked away with decent paychecks. Amanda Serrano got $75,000 for beating Yamileth Mercado, who got $45,000. Daniel Dubois got $100,000 for defeating Joe Cusumano, who got $111,000. Montana Love got $60,000 and Ivan Baranchyk got $60,000.