Mike Tyson Takes Major Spill Off Skateboard During Podcast With Tony Hawk: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Although he’s the man when it comes to being in the boxing ring, Mike Tyson met his match when he took a major spill off a skateboard during a podcast with Tony Hawk. 

During his interview with Hawk, Mike Tyson decided to jump on the skateboard with some enthusiasm. However, he began to worry when he shifted backward and muttered, “Oh, I better stop this.” 

Things took a major turn when Mike Tyson completely lost balance and knocked over a stool. He also banged into the wall and leather chair. As he reclaimed his composure, the boxing legend smiled and pointed at the camera. “I’m okay, baby,” he declared. “Nothing happened.” 

Following the incident, Mike Tyson shared the footage on Instagram and wrote, “Lucky that chair was there or it would have been a repeat of the hoverboard scare.” 

Upon posting the skateboard tumble on Instagram, Mike Tyson fans recalled the incident with the hoverboard in 2015.  “Remember he nearly broke his back on a hoverboard,” one fan declared. “Man needs to stay away from anything like that.”

This isn’t the first time that Mike Tyson has taken a tumble on a board of any kind. In 2015, He fell off a self-balancing scooter. He eventually told TMZ Sports that he sought medical attention after the fall and his doctor ordered him to stay in bed for a week. He told the media outlet, “[I’m] never riding the board again. It’s not for me.”  

Mike Tyson Previously Revealed That He Has Sciatica 

As previously reported, Mike Tyson was seen in a wheelchair while at the Miami International Airport in mid-September. He revealed that he was suffering from a rare health condition called sciatica. “I have sciatica every now and then, it flares up,” Tyson told Newsmax. When it flares up, I can’t even talk!” 

Although he continues to fight sciatica, Tyson said he is feeling better now. “I’m splendid now,” he declared. “Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for whatever we have.” 

Mike Tyson also explained that he uses cannabis to improve and maintain his health. “Cannabis and other plant medicine have helped me get to this point,” Tyson explained. “Where I am who I want to be. It all comes down to your mind and your head. You mind and head can be the worst neighborhood in the history of the world.” 

Tyson then shared his ultimate advice. “Life is about properly using your ego,” he shared. The boxing legend went on to add, “It’s important to have a good relationship with your ego. It can drive you to do great things if used correctly.”