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Mike Tyson Will Reportedly Fight Logan Paul

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Donald Kravitz/Getty Images)

“Iron” Mike Tyson is the biggest name in the boxing world. He retired after a loss to Kevin McBride in 2005. However, fans of the sport can’t forget how devastating Tyson was in the ring. At the same time, Iron Mike has kept his name alive by hosting the Hotboxin podcast and other media appearances. Lately, he’s toyed with the idea of stepping into the ring with one of the Paul Brothers.

More recently, Mike Tyson confirmed that he’ll return to boxing next year. Logan Paul might be his first opponent when he comes back. Tyson confirmed his return during an interview with The Sun. “I’m going to have a return fight in February and we are pretty skeptical about the opponent, but it will be a really stimulating opponent.” Apparently, that stimulating opponent is Logan Paul, according to Talk Sport.  

Jake Paul, the younger of the Paul Brothers, has had several fights. He’s got an impressive winning streak going. However, he’s never stepped in the ring with a real boxer. However, Mike Tyson won’t be the one to break that streak. He said he could knock Jake out and it would be “so f***ing easy,” but he won’t. He and the scrappy YouTuber are friends. More importantly, his family loves Jake Paul. So, he doesn’t want to fight Jake.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, fought Floyd Mayweather. In fact, he went eight rounds with Mayweather. It would be interesting to see how Logan’s youth and bravado match up against Mike Tyson’s years of experience and legendary strength.

Mike Tyson on Fighting the Paul Brothers

It seems like Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul isn’t going to happen. However, Talk Sport noted that he’s on board with fighting one of them. Tyson makes no bones about the fact that his eyes are on the paycheck. “That is the fight for the money,” he said of a bout with the Paul brothers. “Those are money-making fights, those guys got 35 million people to watch,” he said of the YouTubers.

Mike Tyson mentioned the payday again, saying, “Yes. Hell, I would fight them. They would fight me. That would make a lot of money. Hundred million dollars, they do anything, they don’t mind getting beat up for a hundred million dollars.”

Mike Tyson and his family love Jake Paul. However, there’s another reason that a fight with Jake might be off the table. Tyson prefers exhibition fights at this point. No matter how gimmicky Jake Paul seems, he’s a pro fighter. So, Tyson might not be as interested in stepping into the ring with him.

At the end of the day, it would be hard to pass up seeing Mike Tyson in the ring against one of the Paul brothers. It doesn’t matter which one, the world would see what they were really made of after a few rounds with Iron Mike.