Mike Tyson’s Representation Speaks Out After Plane Beating

by Jonathan Howard

Well, it turns out there is more to the Mike Tyson plane beating story than we thought. By now, almost everyone has seen the video. Tyson was being bothered by an overly excited fan on an airplane, and after a while, the former heavyweight champion of the world was over it. The retired boxer threw punches, leaving the man bleeding from the side of his head a bit. Since the video was released, there has been a storm of media coverage.

The newest claim from Tyson’s side of things comes from his representative. One of the boxer’s reps says that the man in the video allegedly threw a water bottle at their client. That was not included in the video that was captured and released via TMZ Sports.

Police have already said that one of the people that was treated for minor injuries didn’t cooperate much. The law enforcement officials said the person, “provided minimal details of the incident and refused to cooperate further with the police investigation.” If I got hit by Mike Tyson on an airplane, I’d just want to forget about the situation too. However, this individual might have to deal with more consequences depending on how things unfold.

Further, reps for Tyson say, “Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him, and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat.” That earns you a Mike Tyson plane beating.

A man from across the aisle filmed as the individual bugged and poked and prodded with questions and other annoyances. Soon, at least as the video goes, Tyson was standing over the man and punching down behind his own seat. The video later showed the man, conscious, with wounds on his head, frowning.

Mike Tyson Plane Beating Goes Viral

Of course, when a man takes a beating on a plane by Mike Tyson, people notice. Despite being in first class, the passenger didn’t have any class at all. Choosing instead to antagonize the celebrity athlete. Tyson is not someone that I would mess with if given the chance. Just so strange to see someone act like that towards another human. When you mess around, sometimes you find out.

Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson, and the champ can go on and live his life without any further issues from this guy. He deserves that much at least. This video will probably live on the internet forever and when folks mess with Tyson, it will inevitably be brought up every single time. Let this just be a warning for anyone that wants to throw a water bottle at the former champ. The 55-year-old still has it, don’t doubt that for a minute.