LOOK: Mind-Blowing Pic Shows Saints Wideout Jarvis Landry Getting Full Body “Cupped” After Practice

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Veteran wide receiver Jarvis Landry was born and raised in Louisiana, then went to LSU to play college ball, so he grew up in the bayou heat. However, after leaving the Miami Dolphins in 2017, the 29-year-old wideout has been in Cleveland for the past four seasons.

Landry signed with his hometown New Orleans Saints this offseason. After his first training camp practice in full pads, he went with a very aggressive technique to help his recovery. He posted a photo on Instagram of the absolutely wild scene in the training room:

In New Orleans on Monday, the temperature reached 91 degrees with humidity at 65% by 11 a.m. After thunderstorms blew for the next few hours, humidity rose to 90% by sunset. That heat just hits different, even for those who have experienced it before.

“Cupping” became popular with athletes after swimmer Michael Phelps won six gold medals and one silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He was seen with purple spots all over his body, which are a result of the practice. “Cupping” is a common topic of argument from many physicians. Some believe it works and some believe that there is no medical evidence that it has any benefit.

Above actually treating anything, “cupping” may be most valuable to athletes based on the placebo effect. If they believe it works and they perform better because of it, then it works. We will see how Landry responds to this extreme “treatment.”

Jarvis Landry Joins New Orleans Saints’ Offense in Hope of Spark

With quarterback Jameis Winston at the helm, Jarvis Landry joins a wide receiver room with Michael Thomas and Chris Olave. Landry has 688 receptions for 7,598 yards and 37 touchdowns through his first eight seasons in the NFL across 123 career games.

There is a worry that star running back Alvin Kamara could be suspended for some of the 2022 season. He faces charges stemming from an incident on February 5 in which Kamara and a group of friends beat up a man in Las Vegas. However, ESPN’s Katherine Terrell reports that his court hearing has now been delayed until September 29. The league will not take disciplinary action until after that takes place.