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Minnesota Vikings Brutally Roasted Over Horrendous First-Half Against the Colts

by Suzanne Halliburton
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings became the butt of all NFL jokes Saturday afternoon after their disastrous performance against the lowly Indianapolis Colts. The outrage seems quaint now, given that ferocious comeback.

However, at halftime, no fan was thinking that the Vikings would win 39-36 and complete the biggest comeback in NFL regular season history. At intermission, the Colts owned a 33-0 lead over the Vikings. What made it worse? The Vikings did all this at home. Keep in mind, this is the same team that started selling playoff tickets this week, although Minnesota hadn’t officially clinched a berth. Everyone assumed they’d do so Saturday against the 4-8-1 Colts. (And they did).

What made it even more difficult to digest was this fact — the Vikings flipped the script in the second half and tied the game at 36-36.

Still, NFL fans roasted Minnesota. And it all started with this play, featuring Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins. He got twisted as he took the snap from center and fell back on his rear end. So not a good look for an experienced QB. Even the NFL Network game analyst pointed out the scene basically defined the Vikings performance.

The NFL Network Couldn’t Break Away from Minnesota Vikings

Here’s a nifty detail that defines the first half. The 33-point halftime deficit was the second-largest in the NFL this season. The Cincinnati Bengals blew out the Carolina Panthers’ 35-0 in the first half of their game six weeks ago.

Amy Trask, a former executive with the Oakland Raiders, posted her astute observations on the Minnesota Vikings for all her followers on social media.

“Two thoughts as to the Colts-Vikings game: (a) it brings to mind something someone w/whom I worked said when asked before a game who would win: we’ll see, that’s why we play the games; and (b) (in my 8 year old voice) mmm hmm, been saying all season I’m not sold on Minnesota.”

Meanwhile, Fox analyst Emmanuel Acho tweeted: “The worst part about this Vikings blowout is they can’t even take the game off T.V. and switch to another game, so we all just have to watch this. ALL OF IT.”

The NFL Network owns this special Saturday triple header. And the Minnesota Vikings holding off the Colts was supposed to be an appetizer. You can’t switch to the main course, although the nachos are cold and have a smelly taste. The Vikings already experienced the humiliation of having a network switch their game. CBS moved away from Dallas-Minnesota in late November when the Cowboys built a 37-3 lead five minutes into the third quarter.

A Former Packer Called Vikings Sad and Pathetic

Wait, there was more social media scorn. Tom Crabtree posted “are the Vikings the saddest and most pathetic franchise in NFL history? They’re definitely in the discussion.” It should be noted that Crabtree played for the Packers. And the Packers definitely don’t like the Vikings.

How’d the Colts build their early lead? Coaches like to call them off-schedule plays. Colts safety Julian Blackmon picked off Cousins and returned the interception for a touchdown. Indy’s defense hasn’t posted a pick six in 33 games. The Colts also scored via a blocked punt. The defense forced a fumble and twice held on fourth down.

But don’t look now. The Minnesota Vikings won the game in the final seconds of overtime. Who remembers the first half?