Minnesota Vikings Linebacker Cam Smith Shows His Appreciation for the Outdoors in a Unique Way

by Quentin Blount

If there is anyone in the National Football League who fits the mold of a true Outsider, it would be Minnesota Vikings linebacker, Cameron Smith.

Whether it’s on the football field, or in a treestand, Cameron Smith is a guy who loves being outdoors. While we get to see guys like him make a name for themselves on Sundays, we don’t always get to see what they’re doing in the offseason. But when it comes to Smith, he uses his free time to chase animals with his pals. He explained as much in an official Vikings interview.

“Every chance or opportunity I got, whether it was during the bye week or right after the season, I’d jet back up north and hunt with buddies,” Smith said. “Just spend as much as I could out there.”

Smith compared his hobby of hunting to that of fellow teammate Adam Thielen’s love for golf, or Eric Kendrick’s love for fast cars.

“This is where I spend a lot of my money; this is where I spend a lot of my time and conversation,” he said. “It’s everything that I enjoy doing. Being in a duck blind or with a pole in my hand, it just allows me to feel like I’m away. It’s really when I’m happiest in life, doing one of those activities.”

Minnesota Vikings Player Cameron Smith Says His Friends Don’t Watch Football

Despite being an NFL player, Cameron Smith’s best friends don’t even follow the sport. But that doesn’t bother him. As a matter of fact, he says that’s something he likes about hanging out with them.

“They don’t necessarily watch it — it’s just not part of their lives. Which I like. Because I [never wanted] to be characterized as ‘football is everything to him,'” he said. “I obviously love the game, and it’s what I loved to do, but at the same time, I want to have a little more depth to me. So building relationships with people outside of football is important to me.”

Cameron Smith laced up his cleats and played five games for the Vikings back in 2019. And a week ago, Smith returned to the field for the Minnesota Vikings after undergoing open-heart surgery. He wound up suffering a concussion in his return and then made the decision to retire. And since his recovery from the major surgery, Smith has been out hunting more than ever. That’s something he is looking forward to doing more of now that he is retired.

“I actually hunted more than I ever have in my life this past year because of my surgery. As soon as I could shoot a gun again, I was shooting all through January and February.”