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Minnesota Vikings Radio Announcer Has an All-Time Flub Calling the Missed Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Paul Allen, the radio voice for the Minnesota Vikings, really, really, really wanted the field goal to be good in his team’s wacky game against the Arizona Cardinals.

It seemed inconceivable that Greg Joseph would miss a 37-yard field goal. With four seconds left in the game and Arizona up 34-33, all the Minnesota Vikings needed was a near chip shot field goal.

If you were listening to Allen in the car or at home, this is what you heard:

“High snap, put down, Joseph, come on. It’s GOOOOOOOOD. No he missed it!”

Then Pete Bercich, the former Minnesota Vikings linebacker and coach, corrected the scene. “Are you kidding me. It’s no good,” said the Vikings color analyst. “He missed it right.”

Allen eventually added, “Ohhh my, oh my… Missed it by like a foot.”

You can listen to the call in the audio clip provided by Timothy Burke.

Minnesota Vikings Radio Guy Said ‘L On My Behalf’ After Flub

Allen has served as the Vikings play-by-play radio guy for 20 years. After the game, he offered an explanation for the call.

Allen posted on Twitter: “I thought he made it and didn’t wait for the ref to signal no good. I always wait. Today I didn’t and got burned. L on my behalf, no doubt. I wanted them to beat that team so badly. Oh well.”

Kicker Made Two 52-Yarders, But Also Missed an Extra Point

To help Allen get through the embarrassment of the flubbed call, fans of the Minnesota Vikings posted links to YouTube videos of other radio folks making mistakes. It happens.

The game was terrific, with eight lead changes. If Joseph’s kick was good, that would’ve been a ninth time. The Minnesota Vikings seem cursed for September. The team lost to Cincinnati in overtime to open the season. Then came the ending Sunday. Allen’s missed call seemed almost appropriate.

Few thought Joseph would miss. After all, he’d made a pair of 52-yard field goals earlier in the game. His 53-yard kick sent last week’s game into OT. Then again, Joseph missed an extra point that would’ve given the Minnesota Vikings a 21-7 lead over the Cardinals midway through the second quarter. With a one-point loss, all missed scoring opportunities are scrutinized.

“I felt good about that kick,” Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told reporters after the game. “I knew he had missed the extra point earlier but he has been kicking good, we are indoors, perfect surface. (And) I am thinking this should be an easy one here.”

But Arizona had the most accurate kicker, Sunday. It’s why the Cardinals are 2-0. Matt Prater’s 27-yard field goal gave Arizona its winning 34-33 lead with 4:25 to go. And his 62-yarder on the final play before halftime allowed the Cardinals to go up 24-23.

In the aftermath of the game, Minnesota Vikings fans shrugged off Allen’s flub. It followed the team’s hard-luck script.

One hardcore fan wrote: “Having a Vikings tattoo on my arm sometimes makes me wish that my arm was blown off, too.”