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Minnesota Vikings WR Adam Thielen Honors Alex Trebek With Latest Cleats

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

If you’re watching tonight’s Monday Night Football game, you may notice that Minnesota receiver Adam Thielen won’t be wearing the standard-issue Vikings cleats.

Rather, his shoes will be an homage to the late Alex Trebek. He’s the beloved host of “Jeopardy” who died of pancreatic cancer earlier this month. Thielen’s shoes feature Trebek’s face on one side and the statement “We will miss you Alex for $19,000.”

If he were alive, Trebek would disallow the answer, since it’s not in the form of a question. But in this case, we’ll let it slide.

The noted shoe artist Dan “Mache” Gamache offered a peak on Twitter. Gamache wrote, “For #MNF pregame tonight my guy @athielen19 will be honoring the legend Alex Trebek who passed last week. I feel like no matter where you were from I feel like Jeopardy was a part of all of our lives in some way.”

Who Is Dan Gamache and What’s So Cool About His Shoes?

Gamache is a big-time sneakers artist. He founded “Mache Custom Kicks.” And he’s a native New Yorker who is a life-time fan of the Vikings.

CNBC reported that Gamache’s client list includes a number of sports celebrities, including LeBron James and Steph Curry. And, he designs cleats for Minnesota players. They’re allowed now that the NFL relaxed some of its uniform policy on shoes.

At a minimum, Gamache’s shoes go for $500 and can cost far more than $1,000, depending on how much work he has to do on them. He loves to create shoes for his favorite Vikings.

Why Does Adam Thielen Get The Shoes?

Thielen is a popular Minnesota player. The Vikings signed him in 2013. He was an undrafted free agent, playing for Minnesota State. Thielen owns the NFL record for most consecutive games with at least 100 yards in receptions.

Gamache loves to create shoes for Thielen to wear. He told reporters two years ago that Thielen is one of his favorites because he played for Minnesota State. Back in the TV show “Coach,” Craig T Nelson was the head football coach for Minnesota State.

The Vikings play the Chicago Bears, their division rivals, tonight.