Minor League Baseball General Manager Allan Benavides Sings Seventh-Inning Stretch During Prostate Exam

by Patrick Norton

Minor League Baseball is a completely different animal than the show. Emcees for extra-curricular activities between innings is a guarantee. Sometimes teams travel a nontraditional route, using a team dog to serve as the bat boy. In this case, Eugene Emeralds GM Allan Benavides took one for the team, promoting routine men’s health examinations.

During the Emeralds’ Thursday game, to raise awareness for the dangers of prostate cancer, the team’s general manager stepped up to the plate, reaching second base with a painfully hilarious rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

The clip doesn’t capture the entire song, but it certainly captures enough of the pain. Capping off Men’s Health Month with a huge PR home run, the original clip has nearly 128,000 views online. The general manager’s voice crack on “crowd” is laugh-out-loud worthy every time the video plays. And the crowd’s reaction echoes the uneasiness of the exam itself.

Allan Benavides’ Pain is Our Gain

The Emeralds – an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants – lost the game, but certainly won the night on social media. Plenty of baseball fans jumped into the conversation online, sharing disgust, but also an appreciation for Benavides’ sacrifice.

Folks on Twitter also compared the scene at PK Park in Eugene to the infamous scene from Chevy Chase’s Fletch. In a scene at a doctor’s office, Chase receives a quick exam, shifting from casual conversation into singing Henry Mancini’s Moon River.


But Benavides’ efforts to entertain the crowd in a live performance sets his act far above any Hollywood scene. As for the general manager, I can only imagine his level of excitement now that the month for raising awareness is over. And if promotion to the big leagues is in Benavides’ dreams, the dedication depicted on Thursday night certainly belongs on the executive’s résumé.