Mizzou Dominates First Half Against Georgia, College Football World Reacts to Stunning Performance

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images)

It looks like we have a great SEC football battle brewing between Mizzou and Georgia. Yes, the top-ranked Bulldogs are struggling on the road. Perhaps we all should have read into that Kent State game more than we did. Mizzou is 2-2 on the year and was about a 30-point underdog heading into the game.

At halftime, Mizzou leads 16-6. Of course, things could change really fast when you’re playing against Georgia. However, that hasn’t changed the fact that the Tigers looked like the better team through the first two-quarters of play. They made their way down the field almost at will. Big run plays kicked off some great possessions for the Eli Drinkwitz offense.

This is going exactly how everyone expected it to go… right?

Fans Beside Themselves as Mizzou Leads Georgia at Halftime

Of course here at Outsider, we are lucky enough to have a resident Bulldogs fan to go to during times like this. Wes is out here trying to calm Dawg Nation but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

And this was before things got really bad.

Really the only thing that you can do when watching this game is just – watch. Eyes wide, the nation is looking at a Mizzou team that lost to Kansas State 40-12 take it to Georgia by double digits at half.

This is an honest Mizzou fan. And, as a Kentucky fan that saw my Cats completely blow opportunity after opportunity today against Ole Miss, I can relate to this so much. Or perhaps they are going for the reverse jinx, eh?

This is going to be an amazing night for Mizzou fans if Georgia doesn’t come out in the second half with a vengeance. The game has been strange so far like we are watching an alternate reality of some kind. However, this is real life and is actually happening.

As far as first halves go, you can’t ask for a better one from Mizzou. They have shown that they are ready to disrupt and cause trouble on the field. Stetson Bennett does not look like he is confident as the Missouri defense deflects passes out of the air.