Mizzou Football Coach Eliah Drinkwitz Drops Luke Combs Lyrics To Describe His Career

by Jonathan Howard

SEC Media days provides us with some great quotes. But, how about Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz dropping Luke Combs lyrics? There are times when only music can speak to your soul. And I guess a little bit of Combs speaks to the Mizzou locker room.

This is a big year for Eliah Drinkwitz and his Missouri Tigers. In year three, improvements have to happen. With the SEC being what it is each football season, that’s easier said than done. Perhaps he’ll be able to get some motivation from Combs and his music.

Coach Drinkwitz talked about the song “Doin’ This” and how it applies to his life as a coach. So, what would the football coach be doin’ if he wasn’t doin’ this?

“I would be coaching football at the high school level. My wife and I are still members of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System just in case. So I’m not pulling back to become somebody I’m not, this is who I am this is what I’m trying to do,” he said to Paul Finebaum.

Now, before coming to Missouri, it was well-known that Drinkwitz had his start at Appalachian State. That is right where Combs went to college for a time and where the two would link up and chat every so often. When you have a star like that connected to your school, you embrace it.

Eliah Drinkwitz and Luke Combs Text

So Eliah Drinkwitz and Luke Combs go back, way back. Well, really it’s just one year that they go back. Before coming to Missouri, Drinkwitz made his way to Appalachian State for his first ever college head coaching gig. He proved to be a success with a 12-1 record including a Sun Belt title.

Combs appreciated what the ball coach was doing for his school, too. It became a bit of a thing where the team would get messages from the country music singer. With all the success that Drinkwitz had, that’s a lot of messages.

“When I was first at App State, it was before, it was just when he was getting started. He got started his Friday nights in a band, drinking liquor out of a red solo cup,” Drinkwitz explained. “Got a chance to meet him and he was always good to us after big wins, give us a call and a text message and just have a tremendous respect [for him]. He’s kinda like… he’s not like me he’s way more successful than I am, but he’s living a dream and he’s still embracing who he is and that’s pretty awesome.”

Now, I’d say we’re going to hear lots of Combs this college football season. And, if you’re at a Missouri home game, you might see Eliah Drinkwitz singing along.