MLB: Atlanta Braves Selling $151 Cheeseburger at Truist Park

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Things may have gone to the Atlanta Braves’ heads after that World Series win because they are offering a $151 cheeseburger at Truist Park. Oh, and in case you really wanted to spend some money, you can go up even further. For just a small price of $25,000 you get the burger… and a limited-edition World Series championship ring.

The prices of sports venue concessions just won’t stop, will they?

A Burger Fit with Gold

  • The Atlanta Braves are selling a $151 cheeseburger at their home park
  • For just $25,000 you can get the burger and a limited-edition World Series ring
  • The price of $151 is to commemorate the 151 years since the Braves organization was founded
  • With a half-pound Waygu burger, toasted Irish brioche bun, cage-free eggs, gold-leaf-wrapped foie gras, lobster tail, heirloom tomato, Bubb lettuce, cheddar cheese and truffle aioli

Of course, if you’re going to sell a burger for more than $100 you gotta go all out. That’s exactly what the concessions folks at Truist Park did. They know the absurdity of the whole thing. So, they’ve gone above and beyond.

This burger starts with a half-pound of ground Wagyu beef. A brioche bun greased with Irish butter is the vessel for this monstrosity. Then, the burger is topped with a pan-fried egg (cage-free, of course), foie gras from the Hudson Valley, wrapped with gold leaf. Then, just to top it all off, some cold water, grilled lobster tail, tomato, Bibb lettuce, Tillamook cheddar cheese, and a truffle aioli…that’s a lot to stomach. However, the burger does look gorgeous.

Oh, and of course, a burger isn’t complete without a side of fries. This burger comes with Parmesan waffle fries in particular. The park tested the burger out earlier this week, before opening day. Now, it looks like fans will have a chance to partake in the insane burger. Those high-rollers are going to want to save up for a championship ring, though.

Atlanta Braves Offer $151 CheeseBurger Ahead of Opening Day

Tonight, in just a couple of hours, the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves will face off at Truist Park and those $151 cheeseburgers will be out there in the stands. MLB opening day! This is a big game for folks in Kentucky like me. This state doesn’t have its own MLB team, so depending on where you’re from depends on which regional team you rot for. There are St. Louis fans out there, Reds and Braves fans. Cincy and Atlanta have a pretty good hold on the Bluegrass State.

The Braves are hoping to keep the momentum going after winning the World Series last season. Meanwhile, the Reds just want to have a season worth talking about. Making the postseason would do so much for those Reds fans that have been suffering the last 30 years. The Reds had their first winning season last year since 2013. There is hope that will continue this season.