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MLB Fans Get in Brawl That Leads to All-Out Food Fight at Angels Game

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

MLB fans at the Los Angeles Angels game last night got into a heated brawl, with people throwing hands, popcorn, and soda.

TMZ reported earlier that police arrested and cited seven fans involved in the brawl for assault and battery. Anaheim PD confirmed that two of the fans were minors. One woman also received a non-life-threatening injury to her arm.

From the looks of two different videos captured by spectators, one guy seems to be on the receiving end of the beating. In the videos, you can see him wearing a long-sleeve white shirt. He’s yelling at several MLB fans standing in the row above him when suddenly a bag of popcorn comes flying out of the air and hits the guy in the face. The guy starts to run away down the aisle, and a group of between three to five men race after him one row above.

They catch up to the guy, and a few men hold him down while about four others start beating him with their fists. More MLB fans continue to dump food and soda on him while the others pummel him.

A woman, potentially his wife or girlfriend, tries to intervene. While he stands up to yell at the guys, the woman in the red shirt yanks on the back of his shirt to get him to sit down. When he runs down the aisle, she runs after him and tries to pull him away from the men beating him. She doesn’t let go as the men pound him, potentially getting hit herself in the process.

It looks like the fight ends when Los Angeles Angels security involves themselves, pulling the man away from the guys beating him. He tries to go after them but security holds him back. You can see it for yourself in the video below, which shows the fight from the opposite side of the stands.

Why Are All These MLB Fans Fighting?

TMZ doesn’t know what started the fight. Maybe the guy in the white shirt said or did something to piss the other fans off. Maybe not. Based on the second video, it looks like fans cleared out of their seats almost before the fight started. The men have a lot of space to move as they pound the white shirt guy.

Anaheim PD hasn’t released any other info about the woman’s injuries either. It’s surprising that we don’t know if the man received any injuries. He did, after all, get beat up by at least four other men. It’s also unclear if he was one of the people arrested and cited for the brawl. From the videos, we can’t really see if he gets a hit in on the other men.