MLB Home Run Derby 2022: Conan Gray’s National Anthem Performance Slammed by Fans

by Dustin Schutte

MLB‘s 2022 Home Run Derby started with … a strikeout. Not literally, but the national anthem performance from Conan Gray did not sit well with fans — especially on social media. Some are saying the rendition from Dodger Stadium is one of the worst they’ve ever heard.

Gray didn’t swing and miss on the lyrics nor did he get out of rhythm. It just seems that fans across MLB didn’t care much for his version of the national anthem. They took their comments to Twitter, too.

Before diving into the comments — here’s the video of Gray’s performance from Los Angeles:

Now that you’ve heard it with your own ears, you can judge whether some of these comments are spot on or perhaps a little too harsh. These are just a handful of the reactions:

When you’re performing on one of the biggest stages, you better be prepared to deliver. Clearly, fans didn’t think Gray brought it with his performance of the national anthem on Monday night.

They had no problem letting him hear about it, either.

A Rough Stretch for MLB Broadcasts

The past few days of MLB coverage have been full of errors. Conan Gray’s rendition of the national anthem is just the latest that has caught the attention of the masses. Over the weekend, FOX received a ton of backlash for a graphics blunder during its Baseball Night in America coverage.

FOX aired Saturday’s rivalry matchup between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. During a transition point in the game, the network incorporated the team logos into the reflective pools at the 9/11 Memorial. That didn’t go over well, either.

After taking plenty of criticism over the course of about 12 hours, FOX finally issued an apology.

“During last night’s telecast, we used poor judgment on the use of a graphic,” a spokesperson said, via Deadline. “We sincerely apologize and regret the decision.”