LOOK: MLB Legend Barry Bonds’ Miniature Schnauzer Captures Win in Dog Show

by Dustin Schutte

Barry Bonds accomplished a lot of impressive feats during his MLB playing day, but winning the World Series eluded him throughout his career. Winning titles doesn’t appear to be a problem for his pooch, though.

Bonds’ miniature schnauzer claimed the top prize at a Northern California Terrier Association dog show recently. The hound earned Best of Breed honors at the American Kennel Club event.

You could say that this mini schnauzer hit it out of the park. Too pun-ny for you, Outsiders? My bad.

The dog’s big victory comes shortly after Bonds turned 58. So, there’s a lot of celebrating to be done in the home run king’s house.

This isn’t the first time Bonds has entered a miniature schnauzer into a dog show. Last year, the San Francisco Giants legend entered his pup, Rocky, into the Westminster Dog Show.

“I’m just proud that he’s here,” Bonds said in 2021, per Yahoo Sports. “I’m not expecting anything, I’m not looking out, I’m not nervous. I’m just proud he did a great job and he qualified to get here.”

Even though it’s not on the diamond, Bonds is still finding ways to compete. His miniature schnauzer stole the show this time.

Does Barry Bonds Belong in Cooperstown?

It’s the question people argue over every single year: Does Barry Bonds belong in the National Baseball Hall of Fame? It’s still a topic that divides fans and writers alike.

Some argue that Bonds’ accomplishments merit his spot in Cooperstown. During his career, he was a 14-time NL All-Star, earned eight Gold Gloves, was a seven-time NL MVP and is the all-time home runs leader with 762. That’s a pretty strong resumé for a career that spanned across 20 years.

The flip side of that? The allegations that Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs to improve his play on the field. Some believe that it’s too controversial to put the greatest home-run hitter the game has ever seen into the Hall of Fame.

At some point, Bonds will probably find his way into Cooperstown. It’s just a matter of when.