WATCH: MMA Fighter Yanks Out Tooth While Facing Off with Opponent

by Dustin Schutte

MMA fighter Jeremy Williams took a page out of Ron Swanson’s playbook. If you want to intimidate your coworkers (or opponents), pull your tooth out to show off your incredibly high pain tolerance.

Before an upcoming fight against Bryan Arocho, Williams decided to take the extra step in the intimidation department. He pulled out his tooth and stomped on it during the face-off. Those in the audience were pretty stunned at the move.

To his credit, Arocho didn’t appear fazed by Williams’ tooth-pulling measures. So, maybe the decision to play dentist in a face-off didn’t turn out the way Williams hoped.

There are plenty of wild things that happen before an MMA fight. Whether it’s in the media, at the face-off or prior to ring entrance, it’s one of the most unique sports out there. Still, this might be one of the stranger intimidation tactics we’ve seen.

What’s even worse for Williams is that it didn’t really work.

Speaking of MMA Intimidation …

Jeremy Williams pulling his tooth out during a face-off might not check the box in terms of the greatest intimidation tactic. You know what might? UFC superstar Conor McGregor looking absolutely jacked.

Earlier this month, McGregor posted a picture to Twitter during a birthday trip to Ibiza. Even for an MMA fighter, he looks incredibly ripped. Even rehabbing from injury, he looks capable of winning a few matches in the Octagon.

If Williams wants to have a more intimidating presence, maybe he should follow the workout routine. It’s probably the best way to get inside the mind of an opponent, not pulling your tooth out.

Plus, you wouldn’t have to visit the dentist immediately afterward. That’s a win-win situation.