Model, Golfer Paige Spiranac Is Not Happy with Referees at Super Bowl LV

by Thad Mitchell

Professional model and golfer Paige Spiranac does not appear to be happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took down the Kansas City Chiefs in convincing fashion to claim the championship. The Bucs were efficient on both sides of the ball. The offense put up 31 points behind two touchdowns from quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The Tampa Bay defense was just as good, holding an explosive Chiefs offense to just nine points and no touchdowns. Brady took home the game’s Most Valuable Player award after completing more than 70 percent of his passes and tossing two touchdowns.

Not everyone is happy with the end result of the Super Bowl however, and point their anger toward the game’s officiant crew. Among those finding fault in the way the game played out is Paige Spiranac, who says the refs are at fault. While it is natural for fans of the losing team to place blame the officiating, the golfer and model isn’t the only expressing the sentiment.

Paige Spiranac Has Harsh Words For Super Bowl Officials

Spiranac took to social media during the game to call out the game’s referees on what she thinks were questionable calls. With just three words, the golfer sums of her feelings of the game and those officiating it.

“These refs suck,” she says simply in the social media post.

Other social media users obviously agree with her take as the post took in more than 2,800 “likes” in a short time after its posting. It also brought hundreds of retweets and comments as well. Many used the post’s comments section to express their own disdain for the manner in which the game was called.

Super Bowl watchers, including Spiranac, point to a couple of questionable pass interference calls that went against the Chiefs as evidence of poor officiating. While it is likely just sour grapes from opposing fans rooting for the Chiefs to win, there are several posts on social media criticizing game officials.

Spiranac took to social media several other times during the Super Bowl to comment on the game. In another post, she references the greatness of Tom Brady.

“Tom Brady is the GOAT,” she says in another Twitter post. “But I don’t have to like it.”