Model, Golfer Paige Spiranac Taking on New Sports Media Gig

by Joe Rutland

Paige Spiranac is going to be talking a lot about odds and gaming in her future as the golfer and model will join PointsBet.

PointsBet has hired Spiranac to fill an on-air talent role. Darren Rovell of Stadium, a longtime sports business reporter, first broke the news.

She also will be a part of their digital media team. Spiranac has amassed nearly 3 million followers on Instagram and 400,000 followers on Twitter. With those big audiences to tap into at the ready, their gaming information will reach her fans and provide an immediate dividend.

Spiranac, 27, will continue to do her “Playing A Round” podcast.

Paige Spiranac Says She Gets Shunned By Golf Community

If you have spent a red-hot minute observing Paige Spiranac on social media, then you’ll know that she is fit and attractive.

Now she has talked about how the golf community shuns her because of the way she looks.

“It’s like my whole life I’m trying to find a place where I can fit in and that I feel comfortable and that I feel at peace with myself, and I haven’t found that,” Spiranac said in 2020. “Golf is the absolute worst place for me to be because I am the exact opposite of everything that a golfer should encompass, should be, and I’m not.”

Body-shamers have been taking their whacks at Spiranac. So, she has a message for all of them: she isn’t a stuffed animal people can create to fit their view of perfection.

As for comments that she’s “too skinny,” Spiranac defends herself by stating, “It’s crazy I can be told I look too fat, too skinny, too plastic, too old, wearing too much makeup, not enough makeup, boobs too big, butt not big enough, too pale, hair too blonde, not blonde enough all in one day. Guys it’s not a build a bear workshop over here. Calm it down.”

Her pro golf career has seemingly come to a halt as she hasn’t competed in a tournament since 2016. She played collegiate golf at Arizona and San Diego State. She helped the Aztecs win their first Mountain West Conference Championship in 2015.

Spiranac Net Worth Around $1 MIllion

Spiranac keeps herself busy with a lot of brand deals, including those with athletic companies Octagon and 18Birdies. Because of this and other deals, she has a net worth that’s reportedly around $1 million, according to The U.S. Sun.

She serves as an ambassador for Cybersmile, a non-profit that provides support and educational programs in hopes of reducing cyber-bullying.

Her collegiate play led her into attempting to qualify for the LPGA in 2016. She didn’t qualify to play and in December 2016, she retired from pro golf.

What she has been doing, though, is giving golf tips through her social media platforms. She wears athletic gear that might be looked down upon in traditional golf circles.

She continues to build up a following, and it’s all of those people who PointsBet hopes to bring to their product.