‘Monday Night Football’ Broadcast Got Interrupted by Fire Alarm, Eli Manning Handled It Like Absolute TV Pro

by Kati Michelle

Instead of lacing up their cleats and dusting off their helmets for a game, Peyton and Eli Manning signed on for a 10-week deal with ESPN’s Monday Night Football “Megacast.” ESPN confirmed that the Mannings will appear on the alternate broadcast for 10 Monday Games Football this season, while also returning in 2022 and 2023 for more.

The thing is, this year’s football season got off to a pretty chaotic start. The kickoff’s choice in entertainer Ed Sheeran already elicited quite the fan reaction. Then, fans unknowingly sat in a “splash zone” watching the Washington Football Team duke it out with the Los Angeles Chargers. The fans left with quite the souvenir: straight-up sewage. The Manning brothers got their own taste of chaos when a fire alarm recently interrupted their broadcast, but Eli Manning handled it like an absolute TV Pro.

Eli Manning Doesn’t Buckle Under Pressure

Perhaps it’s all the MVP nominations, ESPY awards, and Super Bowl rings, but the Manning brothers know how to deal with pressure and put out fires. Regarding the latter bit there, Eli Manning found himself fighting a fire alarm from his very own residence at the time of filming a segment for his broadcast with brother Peyton and Ray Lewis. The broadcast actually marked his first live television broadcast and the results are hilarious.

The football star only gets a few words out before the blaring alarm rudely cuts him off. The trio took it all in stride, though, and jumped into some light-hearted banter. The duo quickly teamed up against Eli asking “Eli, what did you do?” Instead of fessing up to a burnt casserole, the star remained cool, calm, and collected in his seat. You could say Eli Manning plead the fifth here.

One commenter, @shrubsallinjax, joked that they spent several minutes looking for the culprit of the annoying sound in their own home.

A fan account captured the chaos, which you can view for yourself here:

Good Ole Brother Rivalry

This Monday Night Football series is sure to bring out some good ole brother rivalry between Peyton and Eli Manning. Actually, it already has.

In another short clip from one of their segments, Barstool Sports shared the brothers joking, as brothers do, about each other’s appearance. To be more specific, the brothers made quips about each other’s big head and shiny forehead.

If you need a laugh, this is a good place to get it. Tune in here: