Monday Night Football Fan on the Field Files Police Report Against Rams Players

by Jonathan Howard
(Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images)

We all saw it go down on Monday Night Football. A protestor was out on the field and NFL linebacker Bobby Wagner stepped in. After Wagner and a teammate laid a solid hit on the smoke bomb-wielding man, security converged and took care of the situation.

After the incident, the man and another protester that failed to make it onto the field were escorted out and cited. Now, there is a police report and potentially a lawsuit will be filed. This is actually the second Rams game that has been interrupted due to this specific group this season.

Direct Action Everywhere, the organization that claimed responsibility for the protest says that it was a “blatant assault” by Wagner and his teammate. To be fair, the guy was rocked and ended up coming away with bruising, scrapes, turf burns, and other injuries. But, the group has been happy to share videos and news stories about the viral Monday Night Football moment on their website and social media accounts.

The organization is an animal rights group. They are known for their direct actions like the NFL incidents. They are also known to go to factory farms and set free animals. DAE has chapters throughout the country, and the world.

So, there is a police report now, according to TMZ. Which likely means a lawsuit is coming soon. On Monday night, Wagner did not have to deal with any law enforcement questions. He was not cited, detained, or arrested.

Bobby Wagner said after the game, “You don’t know what that fan got or what they’re doing.” He just acted in the moment, it seems.

Monday Night Football Protest Stopped in Its Tracks

For those that didn’t see what went down on Monday Night Football this week, it was something to behold. Of course, the game wasn’t always the most exciting. The Rams came out lackluster. When the fan started to run out on the field, it was a little interjection of energy into the game.

We will see if a lawsuit is filed after all of this. It does seem like that is the intention is to use the police report as a basis for the suit. However, that will all become clear in the coming days, I suppose. Let’s see where this goes, if anywhere. And, who knows what we will see at the next Rams game?