Monday Night Football Fans Baffled By ESPN’s Weird ‘Top Gun’ Justin Herbert Segment

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The football wasn’t the best in the first quarter of NFL Monday Night Football tonight, but ESPN’s graphics department had a lot of fun. There have been a lot of interesting cutaways as of late. However, this one had fans asking themselves “why?” and “did I really just see that?”

The Chargers and Broncos are getting things underway in Los Angeles, and ESPN threw up a graphic cutaway scene that felt like a bad trip. I’m not sure how much they spent on this, but it was either too much or far too little.

Check it out for yourself.

The whole thing had fans feeling uneasy and weird. The Top Gun sequel hasn’t been at the top of the box office for weeks. Where did this graphic come from and when was it made? There are just so many questions.

Fans Can’t Believe ESPN’s Monday Night Football Graphic

This fan seems to think that it was a low budget production. I think I lean toward that way of thinking. The “Justin Herbert” character on the bike was…not Justin Herbert. Monday Night Football doesn’t need a cutaway.

It really doesn’t help that the one connection the Chargers would have had to the movie is the San Diego connection via Miramar. That no longer exists. This felt like something they made earlier in the season and just didn’t have a time to use until now. Who knows why they dished it out on October 17th of all days?

Putting it all together, the movie has been out of the spotlight for some time now, despite the great run it had, there is no longer a San Diego connection, and it was just weird to look at. ESPN has been getting bold with its graphics and this is just the latest example.

Monday Night Football is going exactly how we all expected – Russell Wilson and the Broncos are rolling on offense a bit and leading a scoreless Chargers team. That’s what we thought, right?

The NFL is great because any team can lose to any other team – regardless of the previous games. The Broncos were a little disappointing in prime time before, but – at least early on – they were able to get things moving and find the endzone.