Monday Night Football Fans Can’t Believe There’s No ManningCast for Chiefs-Raiders

by Suzanne Halliburton
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for EA Sports Bowl at Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest

What, no ManningCast for Monday Night Football. Please, ESPN, say this is a mistake.

That’s basically the collective reaction of social media as they flipped on the television or favorite streaming app to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play host to the Las Vegas Raiders for Monday Night Football. The Manning Bros — Peyton and Eli — aren’t doing their popular NFL show as part of the football simulcast. Instead, it’s all Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.

There was this fan: “No Manning cast tonight? This game just doesn’t feel worth watching now.” (We’d like to think that Patrick Mahomes versus Derek Carr is worth watching, but it’s a personal taste).

And there was this fan who responded with a Jim Carrey gif and the caption: “When you’re reminded the legends are not on tonight.” Of course, he tagged ManningCast.

Other NFL fans went with a sci-fi reference. Every day is a good day for C-3PO. “No Manningcast? Ohh, I can’t bear to watch.”

Peyton and Eli Manning don’t bring their running chat show for every Monday Night Football game. But when the former NFL greats do the ManningCast, it’s nice rating’s gravy for ESPN’s pro coverage. Last week’s edition done in conjunction with the 49ers-Rams drew an audience of 1.63 million. According to ESPN, that was the most-watched ManningCast of the season. The largest audience was the 1.96 million who watched MNF along with the Mannings on Nov. 1, 2021.

The Mannings talk about what they see unfold on the field. They describe it through the lens of a pro quarterback. So often times, the commentary veers into inside football X’s and O’s. Then again, the Mannings also invite famous guests to watch with them. Last week’s guests included Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson, who also works as an analyst for Fox Sports. Comedian Tracy Morgan also chatted with the brothers, as did podcaster and former NFL punter Pat McAfee.