‘Monday Night Football’ Streaker Identified

by Suzanne Halliburton
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Did you see the Monday Night Football streaker, the one who got tackled by a Los Angeles Rams linebacker? Well, we now know who he is.

The streaker is Alex Taylor, an animal rights activist with Direct Action Everywhere. The group is known for pulling stunts at sporting events, so security probably wasn’t that surprised. But it took Bobby Wagner and Takk McKinley, two Rams defensive players, to drop Taylor. The activist wore a “Right to Rescue.com” t-shirt and carried a flare blowing pink smoke. Taylor hopped onto the field at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., right before halftime.

The Monday Night Football audience didn’t see the exchange and super fun tackle. Wagner and McKinley didn’t have the game time to waste on the streaker, so they sandwiched the guy when he came close to the Rams sideline. But if you were watching the ManningCast, you were in luck. Peyton and Eli Manning certainly talked about it. It was the perfect topic for their inside football/pop culture running chat show.

“Yes, that’s what we’re talking about,” Peyton Manning screamed as Eli identified Wagner.

“A veteran, get him down, now get out and let these guys take over.”

But let it be said that Eli Manning wasn’t that impressed. You have to up your game when you pull a stunt on Monday Night Football. There are millions of fans watching. Give them a show.

“Amateur hour there,” Eli Manning said. “If you’re gonna streak, you gotta go full-throttle and go nude, right? I mean, what is this?”

Monday Night Football Game Wasn’t This Group’s First Protest

Direct Action Everywhere took immediate credit for the Monday Night Football stunt at Levi’s Stadium. The group posted a photo on social media, with this caption:

BREAKING: Activist disrupts MNF game with pink smoke flare to elevate the #SmithfieldTrial and support the #RightToRescue. If the masses are not allowed to see the trial, we will bring the issue to the masses.

Monday Night Football wasn’t the first game this season in which the group opted to protest. When the NFL season opened Sept. 8, two female activists sprinted across the field at SoFi Stadium. Like Monday night, the two carried pink flares. And they did so to call attention to a specific trial, which started this week. It all stems from an event that happened in 2017. Two activists broke into a pork farm in Utah. They filmed themselves at the facility. And they rescued two piglets they named Lily and Lizzie.

The game action continued, with the 49ers dominating this Monday Night Football Game. San Francisco beat the Rams, the defending Super Bowl champs, 24-9.