‘Monday Night Football’: Watch Travis Kelce Completely Forget He’s on Live TV Talking With Manning Brothers

by John Jamison

The Manning brothers have provided America with countless hours of entertainment. With almost 35 years of combined NFL experience, they got it done on the field. Since retirement, however, Peyton and Eli have been bringing their humor and conversation to the broadcasting world. They were joined by Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce during Monday Night Football. Feeling right at home with the Mannings, Kelce accidentally said something that probably shouldn’t be said on family television.

On Monday, the ESPN2 broadcast of the Baltimore Ravens-Las Vegas Raiders game featured the Manning brothers. They hung out and offered their two cents on the Monday Night Football game. Joining them was none other than one of the best tight ends in the league, Travis Kelce.

Known for his antics on and off the field with quarterback sensation Patrick Mahomes, Kelce is a fun-loving guy. And when you’re hanging out in the virtual presence of comedic great Peyton Manning, it’s hard to remember that millions are watching you on a live broadcast. So when Eli asked Travis about the secret to the Chiefs’ offensive success, the world-class tight end answered like they were sitting on the couch watching football together.

“Right before the play, I’ll look at Pat and give him the eyes like, ‘yeah I’m about to make some s–t up right here,'” said Kelce.

It’s safe to say ESPN wasn’t a big fan of the cursing on Monday Night Football. But for most, the moment was more entertaining than it was harmful. And Kelce’s mouth aside, the Manning brothers’ dedicated broadcast has some serious potential. That’s not taking anything away from the traditional announcers, but an informal, hilarious, and experienced group talking about the game is an awesome option for fans.

Monday Night Football Broadcaster Peyton Manning Chose a Team Based on Tom Brady’s Patriots

In the quarterback conversation, the names Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are among the most frequently mentioned. While Peyton can’t compete with Brady’s Super Bowl wins, the pair have battled over plenty of records during their time in the NFL. That includes one or two head-to-head matchups on Monday Night Football.

Back when Peyton Manning was still playing, and he was moving on from the Indianapolis Colts, he had a decision to make. He had plenty of interest from NFC teams, but changing conferences would take him further from Brady.

“I remember talking with the 49ers, talking with Seattle and talking to the Cardinals, and the whole recurring theme in my mind. I’m just an AFC guy. I think I should stay in the AFC. You’d think it’d be, ‘Please get away from the Patriots, go play in the NFC.’ I don’t know, if you’re going to play in the Super Bowl, you’re going to have to go through New England, so might as well play them in the AFC championship every year. New England had a little role in my decision to go to Denver,” Manning said on a podcast recently.