Money Well Spent: Kentucky Fined $250,000 After Fans Rush Field in Florida Upset

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The SEC tries to keep fans from rushing fields and courts with hefty fines. After taking down Florida, I think Kentucky is happy to pay $250,000. That is but a small price when compared to 16 straight home losses to the same team. Those losses dated back to 1986.

So, when you break a 35-year streak, you celebrate. A quarter of a million dollars isn’t a big price to pay for a 5-0 record and a win over a top-10 Gators squad. It wasn’t always a pretty game, but it was an SEC game. The road environment was too much for Florida, and the game was won with defense and rush offense.

The end result, a $250,000 fine from the conference. It looks like it was worth it.

I’m not sure if athletic director Mitch Barnhart was thinking too much about that check as his football program took down Florida in a historic win. This game really did have it all for Cats fans. The Gators false-started 8 times, Chris Rodriguez had a strong game, and there was a blocked punt returned for a touchdown.

It is very strange to see a team like Kentucky play better than Florida. In fact, the Cats dominated on defense. Their players on that end of the ball were just better than the other team. Plain and simple.

So, Mark Stoops brings in a win against the Gators at home. He now has two wins over Florida during his tenure at Kentucky. Taking the program to new heights.

Kentucky Storms the Field Much Better than Stanford

One thing is for certain, the Kentucky Wildcats fans are better at storming the field than Stanford Cardinal fans. Maybe it was because the UK game was at night versus the middle of the afternoon. However, the Cardinal faithful didn’t seem to know what was happening when they took down the #3 Oregon Ducks.

The Ducks never got into their offense and by the time they did, it was too late. The Cardinal were able to take this game into overtime. While Stanford led for a large portion of the game, they almost let it slip away. However, they brought the pressure in OT.

By the time Tanner McKee and company came away with the win over Oregon, the fans were trying to get to the field…sort of. It looked like no one wanted to cut in line or be impolite as they trickled over the wall and onto the field to celebrate.

Really this just goes to show the differences in the Pac-12 and SEC. Well, not really. But, it is fun to look at the different videos coming out of both schools. Maybe the SEC does mean more?