Montana Fan’s ‘Yellowstone’-Themed Sign Wins ‘College GameDay’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Tommy Martino/University of Montana/Getty Images

At least one ESPN College Football GameDay fan used Yellowstone, seemingly everyone’s favorite show, to troll the rival school. GameDay broadcast from Bozeman Saturday morning as it hyped the rivalry between Montana and Montana State. Bozeman is home to the Montana State, so the crowd that gathered to watch GameDay Saturday morning, was heavy with Bobcats.

But there was one Montana fan who got his trolling Yellowstone sign on GameDay. The fan’s placard read “Yellowstone isn’t even filmed in Bozeman.” And the GameDay social media account added “They’re not wrong.”

That’s fact check true. Yellowstone films parts of its show in Darby, Montana, which is more than four hours away from Bozeman. However, Darby is only 60-ish miles away from Missoula, home of the Grizzlies.

Now that’s how you use Yellowstone to troll a rival on College GameDay. You’re not cool enough for the Duttons.

There were several Yellowstone references sprinkled throughout College GameDay. Host Rece Davis mentioned taking someone down to the train station. That’s Yellowstone code for killing one of the Dutton family enemies.

And on social media, fans of the show got irritated when ESPN didn’t select a actor from the show to be the guest picker. Instead, retired golfer Nick Faldo got the nod. We’ll explain. Sir Nick Faldo is English. After winning six majors, the Brit retired from pro golf and became a TV analyst with CBS. But earlier this year, Faldo retired from the broadcast gig and settled down in Montana, where he does stuff like fly fish. Plus, he’s a big Montana State fan.

But Yellowstone watchers demanded one of their own. “Should’ve been John Dutton,” a fan tweeted to ESPN. “How was it not the cast of Yellowstone,” wrote another fan to College GameDay.

We’re guessing Kevin Costner wasn’t available to drop by the ESPN set. But you can watch Costner and the rest of the cast Sunday night. Yellowstone premiered season five last Sunday.

The original sign also caused a social media stir as fans of both Montana and Montana State flamed each other. And they also trolled the show.

“Most of Yellowstone isn’t even in Montana,” tweeted a fan. That’s definitely true, although the Duttons live in Montana.

Another fan provided some location clarity. “First 3 seasons filmed in Utah. Then they built a set on a working ranch in Darby for seasons 4/5. I’m sure it was less expensive and less crowded than filming in Bozeman.”

Still another resident mentioned Yellowstone spinoff 1883 as a dig. “And the prequel thing they invade and screwed up Butte. Clearly Bozeman isn’t worth their time.”

But college football always is worth our time. After all, we got to combine the sport with Yellowstone and College GameDay. That’s a win.